Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Man, FrontPage magazine is off the hook today.

Lowell Ponte blasts Katie Couric
Katie Couric is not the girl next door. She is wealthy, powerful, and according to critics a temperamental diva. In a March 18, 2004, profile titled “The Cruella Syndrome” in the Left-leaning webzine, Rebecca Traister details the stories of “Queen of Mean” Couric throwing temper tantrums on the set, bullying her staff and using her influence to get people fired, mailroom boys and network executives alike.
Ben Johnson looks into the Capitol Police and Cynthia McKinney:
The police have apparently learned a lesson the Left has never apprehended: apologizing and retreating in the face of aggressive and illegal behavior causes that behavior to multiply and intensify. After backing down months ago, the Capitol Police have referred Cynthia McKinney to a federal prosecutor. An arrest may come as early as next week, when Congress recesses. (Of course, none of us would roam free for a week after assaulting a police officer; even anonymous Representatives are not without their perks.)
Jamie Glazov interviews an author who thinks the Clintons should be locked up:
I can go on and on about crimes committed by the Clintons, but you should just read my book. The Clintons are not in prison because they are clever lawyers who amassed a team of lawyers, public relations spinners, and media consultants to con the American people. The very fact that Ken Starr was vilified by the Clintonistas for simply doing his job, while Bill Clinton turned the White House into his personal house of sexual infidelity says it all.
And Dick Morris speculates that Al Gore is positioned to challenge Hillary:
Now she is in a fix. If she retreats and retracts her support for the war, she will become the ultimate weather vane, shifting with the political wind. If she adopts a pro-peace posture, she undoes all of her work to position herself as a hawkish female, able to overcome the stereotypes that hamper women who wish to be commanders in chief.

But if she stays in the center as the Democratic Party falls off to the Left, she could find herself with a deadly primary challenge from her husband’s former running mate.


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