Wednesday, March 29, 2006

While there isn't much to recommend the Republican's these days, at least they aren't engaged in this kind of behavior.
Mr. Corzine won the Trenton statehouse last year by running as a tax cutter who'd raise property tax rebates by 40% over four years. "I'm not considering raising taxes. It's not on my agenda. We have a very high-rate tax structure. I'm not considering it," the then-U.S. Senator had vowed in October.

Well, last week Governor Corzine removed the Steve Forbes mask and submitted a record $30.9 billion budget that increases state spending by 9% and includes $1.5 billion in new levies. He wants to raise the already high state sales tax by 16% and extend it to services; hike taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and expensive cars; and create a new state water tax. And just so Garden State entrepreneurs don't feel left out, his budget would impose a corporate tax surcharge and a commercial property transfer tax. "There are no immediate plans," joked one local paper, "to tax the air we breathe--not this year, at least."
The article goes on to catalog Jim Florio's and James McGreevey's tax increases in New Jersey, and "moderate" Democrat Mark Warner's in Virginia. Now, newly elected, similarly moderate Tim Kaine is seeking to follow-up Warner's legacy with some tax increases of his own. Say this for the Democrats. On, tax increases, they're consistent. They oppose them while campaigning, but as soon as they assume power they reach for your wallet.


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