Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Little Perspective

Via Right Wing News comes some very interesting numbers on the relative casuality count in Iraq:
(I)n 2004 there were 1,887 US active duty military deaths. Keep in mind, that's the total in Iraq, Afghanistan, at home, abroad - everything. Guess how many there were in 1981, a year where we didn't lose a single soldier to "hostile action?" There were 2,380 deaths that year. How about 1983, the year we liberated Grenada? There were 2,486 soldiers killed.
Yes, folks, it's true. The military is a dangerous place, whether patrolling through Ramadi or parachuting over Fayetteville. And don't even start me on riding a sport bike down the I-264 HOV lane in a 65 MPH wheelie.


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