Thursday, March 16, 2006

There is considerable high-profile blogosphere angst about the crashing and subsequent hijacking of Betsy Newmark's Betsy's Page blog. Michelle Malkin posts that Betsy is mighty ticked off at Blogger. Michelle's post has so far attracted nine trackbacks, calling Blogger "lame" and "evil," among other things.

Now I consider Betsy's Page a nearly daily "must read," but I am not so sure Blogger needs to be vilified for her problems. As a Blogger "customer" myself, I pay $0.00 dollars to host this silly blog. In the time I have run this thing, Blogger has added free image posting at no additional charge to my FREE account. If it crashes, what have I lost? My time, effort, and thoughts, surely, but I have contributed nothing to insure these things.

I simply don't believe that customers that don't pay own real estate from which to complain about bad service.


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