Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Coping by Spending

While my wife Suzy was alive, I never had a "mid-life crisis." I was also cheap. Very cheap.

Since she died, however, I have been spending money like a teenager on an expense account. I suppose I am trying to fill in the gaping void she has left, but still! I should be more grown up than this. In a little over two months, I have bought:

  • A 60 gig iPod
  • Songs and videos for the iPod
  • 1000 thread count sateen bed sheets
  • An HDTV off-air tuner
  • A Harley Fucking Davidson motorcycle
  • A USMC regulation "high and tight" haircut (okay, that one was only seven bucks)

    Oh yeah, and my Mom died last week. Prior blog language restrictions are obviously rescinded.

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