Monday, March 06, 2006

My God is better than your God

Having lost my wife and mother in the space of two months, it is amazing how people react to me these days. Most don't know what to say, so they just offer sympathy. Which is fine.

Others say they "understand what I am going through," which is just plain silly. A third group, however, decides I need more God. Specifically, more of their God. In recent weeks, I have been asked, implored or told I need to partake in numerous religion-centered activities with various people, from prayer groups to large scale revival meetings.

Now I don't think any of these folks have anything but good intentions and kind thoughts, but none of them has asked me if I already have a church or faith of my own. The implication, then, of such invitations, is that any spirituality I may already have is either insufficient or incapable of dealing with my situation; their spirituality, by contrast, will be of real use to me.


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