Monday, February 20, 2006

Muslim Anger Over Cartoons Increasingly Directed at US -- 02/20/2006

Well, here's proof that for the good old US of A, there ain't no winning. The silly Muhammed cartoons that have been the justification for all the rioting Muslims worldwide were drawn and published by Danes. Still, Death to America!
Muslims protesting the publication in European media of cartoons depicting Mohammed have once again directed their anger at the United States despite the fact most American mainstream newspapers have not reproduced them.

Sentiment about the allegedly blasphemous cartoons appears increasingly to be blurring into a broader anti-U.S. feeling in some parts of the world, with some angry Muslims using President Bush's scheduled tour to India and Pakistan early next month as a rallying point.
Oh, that's swell. The Danes do something to piss off the Muslims, and the result is anti-Americans. These are the people the liberals think can be reasoned with? Still, it's "comforting" to know that the Religion of Peace hasn't given up on the Danes entirely.
In both Pakistan and India, Muslim leaders have publicly offered large rewards to anyone who kills any of the 12 cartoonists who penned the caricatures...


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