Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In response to Obama and the Democrats celebrating (and taking credit for) the killing of Osama bin Laden, there is this from John at Verum Serum:
Gitmo and waterboarding are moral horrors which show America to be a ruthless, murderous monster-state run by Chimpy McHitlerburton. On the other hand, if President Obama orders an unarmed man shot in the face that’s not only legal it’s heroic and deserves a victory lap through ground zero.

Memo to the left: One of these two positions is wrong. You can not have it both ways.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Confirmed: Trail That Led To Bin Ladin Began With Enhanced Interrogation Methods of High Value Targets That President Obama And His Suddenly Rah-Rah Kill-Crazy Media Allies Completely Opposed and Campaigned To End
Let Me Say Something About Bush and Cheney: For the last four years, they have known they broke KSM and this other high value target and got the names of Osama's couriers.

They have only stated elliptically, without specifics, that "important information was learned."

They were called liars every time they said this.

At any time, they could have exposed their critics as the anti-American, terrorist-coddling hyperpartisans they were, by revealing this crown jewel of American intelligence.

But they didn't

They allowed their names to be slurred on a daily basis in order to preserve the secret. To allow Obama to capitalize on the information they procured.

Well. The secret is out now.

It's time for credit to be taken and apologies to be granted - or apologies to be forced and shamed out of people.
Yup, that's about got it Thank you President Bush and VP Cheney. You endured years of abuse, and now President Obama is taking credit for your work.