Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Geek Alert

Brian Drake thinks we should all boycott the new Star Trek movie.
You won’t be at the opening if Brian Drake has his way. At Mr. Drake and about five dozen supporters have been warning Paramount, which is releasing the film on Friday, that they plan to stay away unless the studio donates a portion of its opening weekend receipts for the exploration of outer space. (“Save the planet by leaving it!” suggests an associated Web site,

“I’m 40, and I grew up watching ‘Star Trek,’ ” said Mr. Drake, who was laid off from his job as a machinist and now works at a Wal-Mart near his home in Gallatin, Tenn. “I’d kind of like to be with Captain Kirk by now.”

In related news, I'd kind of like to be with Yeoman Rand by now, but I live in the real world.


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