Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary Tyler Moore is on Dave Letterman's show. First, let me say that she looks great. It's hard to believe she is 72 years old. But get ready to grab the world's smallest violins.

She is renovating her house. "It's horrible," she says. She's been in a rental house for TWO YEARS while she waits for the remodeling. And it's horrible. Oh the humanity.

She is getting ready to move in, even though the two year long remodel isn't complete. Dave commiserates, "It takes years off your life!" Mary agrees, having done this "once before in a house in Malibu."

Now the real fun begins. Dave says, "It's always the contractor," and Mary replies, "Or the architect."

Holy crap, it's never the celebrities! I would love to hear the contractor and architect opine upon what it's like to work for Mary Tyler Moore and David Letterman. Never mind the absurdity that renovating their mansions somehow takes years off their precious celebrity lives.


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