Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Commenter Rob recently upped the ante on this blog in terms of vulgarity, ad hominem nastiness, and class warfare. It seems Rob doesn't want a big house, so nobody should be permitted one:
After all, I don't need more "wealth" than I'd know what to do with; money building up in a bank account somewhere. I don't covet a huge McMansion, I don't need a fancy summer home, I don't need any of the materialistic bullshit that's shoved down our throats by the marketers of useless crap. That is not what life is about.
Well, I don't necessarily want all those things either. although a summer cottage would be nice. Regardless, it's not my place to deny such things to others. I am sure somebody, somewhere, would say my house is more than I need. I just hope it's not somebody of Rob's ilk, because they feel it's their place to deny that which they don't condone. Likewise, I am sure there is a nihilist out there that would say Rob's house, computer, and high speed internet is an affront to a poor person somewhere.

And as far as accumulating capital in real estate and bank accounts, would it be preferable that we save nothing and depend on the next generation to provide for our old age? How are we to support ourselves come the unproductive years if not for accumulated capital? I am saving and investing so I never need to depend on my daughter and her generation. I would argue that not saving and investing, while demanding ever-expanding social programs is the most selfish policy imaginable, because it requires others to finance your vision of society, whether they share your view or not. By contrast, my vision requires Rob to do nothing more than take care of his own life.

Again, my politics are distilled to this: Just leave me alone.


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