Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dispatch from the Religion of Peace

You know, what with all the beheadings, bombings, rapes, and assorted other activities engaged in as part of the RoP, it becomes difficult to find new atrocities of note. Allah bless them, the RoP doesn't disappoint:
A 75-year-old widow in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 40 lashes and four months in jail for mingling with two young men who are not close relatives [...]

The newspaper Al-Watan said the woman met with the two 24-year-old men last April after she asked them to bring her five loaves of bread at her home in al-Chamil, a city north of the capital, Riyadh.

Al-Watan identified one man as Fahd al-Anzi, the nephew of Sawadi's late husband, and the other as his friend and business partner Hadiyan bin Zein. It said they were arrested by the religious police after delivering the bread. The men also were convicted and sentenced to lashes and prison.
That's good. An elderly widow wants some bread, and some good souls bring it to her. And the government responds by lashing them all in the name of Islam! Lovely religion, that.


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