Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dispatch From the Religion of Peace, Continued

From Russia comes this report, proving that nobody is safe from the RoP:
An Azeri immigrant in Russia's northern city of Saint Petersburg has been charged with hiring hit men to kill his 21-year-old daughter for wearing a mini-skirt, police said today.

The man's arrest follows the detention last week of two other citizens of Azerbaijan, a majority Muslim state in the Caucasus, who confessed to murdering the girl, a university medical student.

“They admitted to being paid 100,000 rubles ($4140) by the girl's father. They said he wanted to punish his daughter for flouting national traditions and wearing a mini-skirt,” a police source told said today.
It’s always amazing to me just how many RoP transgressions are punishable by death.


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