Friday, April 10, 2009

You know, lots of people are telling us global warming is real, and we all must shiver all winter, swelter all summer, and drive electric rollerskates. You know, if we don't do as we're told, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! (Well, maybe not.) If these same people really believed their own words, don't you think they would be serious about modifying their own behavior? People like Al Gore and Barack Obama? After all, it's a matter of global survival!
When you're the President of the United States, only the best pizza will do - even if that means flying a chef 860 miles.

Chris Sommers, 33, jetted into Washington from St Louis, Missouri, on Thursday with a suitcase of dough, cheese and pans to to prepare food for the Obamas and their staff.
If Barack Obama is entitled to fly a pizza chef almost 900 miles to satisfy his pepperoni jones, maybe it should be okay for me, or you, or the rest of us citizens to drive our SUVs 6 or 7 miles to enjoy our own pie, don'tcha think?


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