Saturday, December 05, 2009

Nothing bothers me more about the left than its willingness to justify any behavior, no matter how reprehensible. It is revealed that Tiger Woods is a multiple adulterer, and Joy Behar says its all good, he's not a hyprocrite:
Let me say this on his behalf. He has never held himself as one of these pro-marriage, right-wing, kind of guys who is anti-gay. In other words, the guy is not a hypocrite in his personal life.
Never mind the personal oath he made to his wife and the children they are raising. He never told Joy Behar or the rest of us that his wife and children matter, so that's a mark in his favor.

To Joy Behar, saying one thing and doing another makes you a hypocrite (and that's bad), but breaking your vows to your wife and children is not hypocritical (and that's good). What a twisted world view.


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