Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hubris and Narcissism

Update: This from Thomas Sowell:
Stepping beyond your competence can be like stepping off a cliff. Too many people with brilliance and talent within some field do not realize how ignorant — or, worse yet, misinformed — they are when talking like philosopher-kings about other things.
With that, I give you Harry Reid:

Tonight, I found this in The New York Times:
In one last touch on Wednesday, Mr. Reid and his aides finally named the bill that he wrote over the last few weeks, selecting parts of bills previously adopted by two Senate committees. It is called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. “This legislation is a tremendous step forward,” Mr. Reid said. “It saves lives, saves money and will make Medicare stronger.”
So, we are informed that Mr. Harry Reid of Nevada has written a bill over the space of a couple weeks. And that bill will take over the delivery of medical care to 300 million people. Now, one might ask, what in Harry Reid's past qualifies him to design such a system? Is he an economist? A doctor? A master planner? Hardly. He sole life accomplishment is election to public office. From Wikipedia, here is Harry Reid's CV:

  • Southern Utah University
  • Utah State University
  • George Washington Law School
  • City Attorney, Henderson, Nevada
  • Nevada Assembly
  • Nevada Senate election (lost)
  • Las Vegas Mayor election (lost)
  • Chairman, Nevada Gaming Commission
  • US House of Representatives
  • US Senate

    There you have it. Not a single private sector job in his entire life. Not a single business owned, not a single payroll met. Not a single non-government job. Not a single health care related connection, not a single insurance related connection. And this man feels himself capable of designing a system that usurps the private insurance industry and purports to deliver and administer medical care to us all.

    And it only took him a few weeks to write it! Who wouldn't be suspicious of such a thing? Hmmmm?

    That's a mighty high horse this man is on.

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