Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, November 12th was one lousy day.

I awoke about 0630 to a raging northeast storm. The wind was gusting over 50 mph, and the rain was coming down in buckets. There was a slapping noise outside, which I attributed to some fabric chairs we have on the deck outside our third floor bedroom, and went back to sleep.

I woke again around 0800 and discovered that the sound I heard was loose vinyl siding flapping in the gale outside the bedroom window. Once the wind gets behind that stuff, it comes apart like a big zipper, so I had to secure it.

I ran downstairs and outside into the rain to see how big a job it was going to be. That was when I discovered that both Jeeps in the driveway had the passenger window smashed out, both GPS units had been stolen, and the rain had been flooding them for hours.

I raced around trying to track down roofing nails to secure the siding and duct tape to seal the cars. The duct tape didn't work because the metal was too wet, so I climbed out on the second floor porch roof in the wind and rain to tack in the siding and keep the wind from taking off the rest. While I inspected the project, I put down my hammer and it slid right down the roof and 20 feet to the ground. So it was back inside, down to the yard to retrieve the hammer, and back to the roof.

A few minutes later, drenched and cold, I had successfully secured the siding. Time to turn our attention to the Jeeps.

Laurel and I made room in the garage for one car, and oriented the other leeward with a plastic cover on the broken window to deflect any more rain. Now we had a new problem: neither car was drivable in this weather, but we had to pick up 160 pounds of raw chicken about 40 miles away. The dogs don't care about wind, rain, cars, crime, or anything. They need their chicken.

At 0900, Laurel made a reservation with Enterprise so we could rent a car to pick up the dog food. It wouldn't be ready until 1200, so that gave us three hours to piss and moan about our misfortune. Which, believe me, we did. We also called our insurance company and Safelite Auto Glass.

End of story, I spent three hours retrieving raw chicken backs in a rented car, Laurel spent another 45 minutes bagging it up, and Safelite is scheduled to come out tomorrow and fix our car windows (weather permitting).

What a mess. But I am thankful for my Laurel and my Alison. The cars will be fixed and the GPS replaced.


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