Monday, June 01, 2009

So Barack Obama is now in charge of Government Motors. They say the mark of leadership is effective delegation. Since King Barack can't run GM day-to-day, who has our Dear Leader appointed to the post? That would be Brian Deese
It is not every 31-year-old who, in a first government job, finds himself dismantling General Motors and rewriting the rules of American capitalism.

But that, in short, is the job description for Brian Deese, a not-quite graduate of Yale Law School who had never set foot in an automotive assembly plant until he took on his nearly unseen role in remaking the American automotive industry.
But that's okay, right? Even if he's only 31 a "not-quite graduate" of an Ivy League law school, he's qualified to run a multi-billion, multi-national automobile corporation, and rewriting the rules of capitalism, right? Suuuure he is.
Nor, for that matter, had he given much thought to what ailed an industry that had been in decline ever since he was born. A bit laconic and looking every bit the just-out-of-graduate-school student adjusting to life in the West Wing — “he’s got this beard that appears and disappears,” says Steven Rattner, one of the leaders of President Obama’s automotive task force — Mr. Deese was thrown into the auto industry’s maelstrom as soon the election-night parties ended.
Great! Where I come from, a "not quite graduate" at 31 is a freaking failure. And there's nothing like a come and go beard to justify control an entire industry, is there?

Coming soon, a 31 year old not-quite graduate of Harvard journalism school with a way-cool "soul patch" will be placed in control of the entire health care industry!


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