Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eight random facts

1. Lived in Russia for a few months, never saw a crocodile there that wasn't a belt or purse.
2. I can smell asparagus pee, not everyone in my family can , not sure if those who can or those who can't are luckier
3. Certain BBQ sauces give me the runs, not sure which ones, doesn't stop me from eating BBQ rib or chicken or anything else you BBQ
4. I'm a Phillies fan, and they lost their 10,000 game recently
5. After biking over 190+ miles, your nifkin gets chafed
6. I never voted for a winning presidential candidate, so if you want to know who is going to lose ask me who I'm voting for (of course since I tend to throw my vote away on third party candidates that's not very Nostradamus of me)
7. When I say I'm thinking of nothing, I'm usually lying.
8. I own really embarrassing hair metal band CD's such as Cinderella, Poison....


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