Thursday, October 09, 2014

Jonah Goldberg has a cutting piece taking down the obsessive, intrusive nature of progressives. Here are some prime excerpts:

You can't be "agents for change," "forces for progress," or whatever the current phrase is, and simultaneously deny that you're the aggressors in the culture war. For instance, just in the last decade, liberals have redefined a millennia-old understanding of marriage while talking as if it were conservatives who wanted to "impose" their values on the nation. [...]

Liberals, meanwhile, are quite open about their desire to use the state to impose their morality on others. Many conservatives want to do likewise, of course. The difference is that when conservatives try to do it, liberals are quick to charge "theocracy!" and decry the Orwellian horror. [...]

The upshot of this defense is that the state is justified in regulating sex - and "deprogramming" people - because some feminist writers are convinced some people are doing it wrong. One doesn't have to take a position on that claim to wonder whether it's the government's place to tell people how to do it right, never mind insist that doing it wrong is synonymous with sexual assault.


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