Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sarah Hoyt recently saw this tweet come across her twitter feed:

Wouldn't it be nice if the point of education wasn't to make a more useful workforce, but to make happy, imaginative and empathetic humans?

Ms. Hoyt proceeds to systematically dismantle this sort of moronic thinking, and it's worth the read:

This person is so unimaginably comfortable and cossetted that she believes that work is an icky necessity and that learning the skills of workaday laboring is not just unnecessary but somehow undesirable. She believes it would be best instead if schools tried to fix all sorts of metaphysical things that as far as I can tell have always been wrong with humans.

She believes, in fact, that paradise has arrived - whatever she says - and that we no longer need to spin nor sow.

She's so far removed from every day necessities, that she thinks that learning a profession is a strange twisting of the purpose of education.


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