Monday, September 29, 2014

Daniel Greenfield says that murder and mayhem is a built-in feature of Islam:

The real Islam's symbols carry powerful meanings. The beheading is the final and ultimate meaning. By killing non-Muslims in the name of Allah, its followers become Allah, they gain the power of life and death, to kill and enslave, to rob and rape; they become the murderous masters of creation.

When they say that "Allah made me do it" what they really mean is that the part of them that wants to kill, to rob and rape, to burn and kidnap, made them do it. By submitting to Allah, the Muslim becomes Allah. When he kills, it is Allah killing. His religion is reducible to his will to kill. This is ISIS. This is Islam.

It has nothing to do with the imaginary Islam of the liberal. It has everything to do with the real Islam.

Similarly, Ali Sina (a former Muslim) says that Obama doesn't know what he's talking about:
In regards to Mr. Obama's statement that no religion condones killing innocents, we must keep in mind that the definition of innocence in Islam is not exactly the same as non-Muslims understand it. According to Muhammad, everyone is born Muslim. It is that later in life they reject it. Those who are not Muslim are apostate and as such not innocent. The word kafir is erroneously translated as infidel or unbeliever. That is not the correct translation. Kafir sounds like cover, and it has the same meaning. Kafir is one who covers the truth - an unbeliever is ignorant. A kafir is one who knows the truth and yet hides it and denies it out of malice. Those who don't believe in Islam do so because there is sickness in their heart. They are not innocent. So, although it is true that killing the innocent is not condoned by any religion, Islam allows it, by taking innocence out of the innocent.


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