Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ben Shapiro goes for the jugular:

With the Democratic machine revving up to install its selected X Chromosome Queen Hillary Clinton as president in 2016, the media have revved up the most hackneyed narrative of the last six years: the war on women. Once again, Democrats and media members proclaim from the highest rooftops that women are victims of a brutal and uncaring American society that pays them less, rapes them on college campuses, and abuses them in the home. None of that is true - women who are young, single and childless earn 8 percent more than men in 147 out of 150 major American cities, and rape and abuse are down dramatically over the last two decades.

It has never been better to be an American woman.

Unless you get in Hillary's way. Then, the war on women comes directly to your front door.


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