Monday, September 15, 2014

In the wake of the Ray Rice spousal abuse scandal, ESPN (the Entertainment and Sports Program Network) felt the need to lecture us all about men and women. To that end, they aired interviews with female Rice supporters, apparently as a demonstration of the kind of primitive thought processes the brilliant progressives at ESPN think need changing. These women thought Rice needed to be dealt with by the legal system! Can you imagine? This was all fodder for a lecture on raising boys, delivered by lesbian basketball player Kate Fagan:

Ms. Fagan opined that people should stop focusing so much on whether Commissioner Roger Goodell should get fired or how long Rice's suspension should be. That's too "reactive," and Fagan says it's time to be "pro-active."

How? By working to undo our "culture" of "raising men to want to not be like women," a culture that tolerates the teasing of boys who "throw like a girl." The way to do that, she said, was to "hold the NFL's feet to the fire" until the league ponies up "millions of dollars" for a domestic-violence fund. The extorted treasure would then be doled out to grass-roots community organizations, who could then send their trained experts to middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Boys would be instructed that differentiating men from women breeds domestic violence.

As Fagan put it, the goal must be "reprogramming how we raise men." That, she said, is how we're finally going to get - all together now - "change."

Only in the miasma of progressivism is the opinion of a lesbian basketball player taken as gospel on the subject of "raising men." And, unironically, she wants the men to be raised to be more like women. Not much sports or entertainment there!


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