Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dartmouth University, a prestigious Ivy League institution, assembled a 560 person student group to assemble a list of ideas aimed at reducing "high risk drinking, sexual assault, and exclusivity on campus." Without guessing what "exclusivity" means to an Ivy Leaguer, here's a sampling of some of their deeply unserious ideas for combating high risk drinking, sexual assault, and exclusivity.

  • Incorporate more wood into living spaces.
  • Encourage parties to have kegs.
  • De-stigmatize beer.
  • Create gender neutral places to drink on campus where all students feel comfortable drinking.
  • Let underage kids drink and create specific places where they can drink together.
  • Have the college buy the liquor for fraternity parties.
  • Hire interior designer/psychologists to redesign the dorms.
  • Provide big-screen TVs and ping-pong tables.
  • Provide more bars and bar culture.

    The National Review piece that pointed me to it this is here.


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