Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jim Geraghty makes an interesting observation:

If you live outside of a troubled, poor community with failing schools, broken homes, high crime rates, few jobs or other economic opportunities, racial tensions, and high crime rates, you may have noticed that you are the eternal scapegoat.

If you notice the problems of these communities and discuss them, you're demonizing the residents and fear-mongering. If you ignore them, you're sweeping them under the rug and guilty of malign neglect.

If you make recommendations about how to solve the problems in these communities, you're condescending and fail to understand the "root causes" of the problems there. If you move into these communities, you're part of the gentrification process, driving up housing prices and driving out the poorer residents, culturally supplanting and replacing what came before.

As Kevin D. Williamson noted, the only individuals who seem to escape blame for the conditions of America's poorest, most crime-ridden, opportunity-deprived, and despairing communities are the elected officials who actually govern these communities.


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