Friday, January 06, 2012

A father's love

During my first 48 years, I never would have fully understood this story. Now, it brings tears, mostly of joy, to my eyes. Finally, I realize, I can understand and appreciate my own father more than ever before.
“A father puts others ahead of himself,” the Rev. Vander Woude said. “That was his belief. He never said that. He just did it. He loved being a husband and being a father. Pride, pleasure and possessions are where people go for happiness. But my father first thought of God, and the devotion to the family, the love, comes naturally from that.”


Blogger E's Merry Styles said...

I'm laughing, because that man is not my father. LOL!! But Im happy that you have this profound, loving connection to family and love. It's something that I can only wish for, dream about, and imagine. I often think about people who take satisfaction in the misfortune of others. That never made any sense to me. The happier everyone is, the better off we all are.

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