Friday, December 16, 2011

Here's a delightful holiday dinner

On one side, you have your militant feminist cousin lecturing you on the wonders of abortion:
Planned Parenthood’s New York City affiliate has posted an article telling visitors to its Web site how to successfully discuss abortion around the “holiday table.”
And on the other side you have your socialist hipster nephew hectoring you to honor the "Occupy Movement."
At your holiday meals, bring up the issue of those who are struggling this Hanukkah or Christmas -- both the poor, the near-poor, and all those who are deeply insecure and frightened. Ask people how they imagine their society would be different if the original messages of Hanukkah or Christmas were being taken seriously today. Would the rabbis who said that the central command of Torah was to "love your neighbor as yourself" and "love the stranger," or would Jesus of Nazareth, our great Jewish teacher who Christians embraced as their messiah, be outraged at a society that celebrated these holidays but turned its back on the poor and the powerless? Ask your friends at their holiday meals to discuss the call of the Occupy movement to stop the class war of the 1 percent on the 99 percent and to reverse the wild inequalities that have accompanied the political and economic triumph of the 1 percent over the rest of the population.
Yeah, that's the Christmas table I want to sit around.


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