Sunday, October 09, 2011

Boy, the left sure is populated by hypocritical morons. First we have this story of a mob of "peace" protestors invading the Smithsonian's Air and Space museum:
The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum was abruptly closed today when a mob of approximately 200 protesters armed with prohibited items including large signs and banners tried to push its way past security guards, according to the Washington Post.

The protesters reportedly pushed a guard up against a wall, prompting another guard to intervene with pepper spray. Response by D.C. police and Park Police resulted in one arrest.

One protester interviewed by the Washington Post said the mob included Occupy D.C. protesters, an offshoot the of Occupy Wall Street movement which, reportedly, opposes a myriad of perceived evils, including the U.S. military’s drones (there’s an exhibit of unmanned military aircraft at the museum).
Then, there's this story, covering the "Occupy D.C." juvenile delinquents:
Protestors at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., are promoting a wide range of causes, including saving the planet, even though their protest site is littered with trash and protest paraphernalia.

One sign, lying near a trashcan and a grassy area covered with sleeping bags, plastic bags, chairs, and other belongings, states, “We the People Say Planet Before Profits.”
These are the same idiots that are complaining because they can't find a job. What possible productive labor would somebody that chooses to spend their weekend so engaged possibly perform? And who would hire a peace activist that attacks museums or an environmentalist litterbug?


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