Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family by percentage

My family is definitely the 53%

I work hard, my wife works hard. We pay our Taxes!

I even tell the kids I'll pay a dollar for raking a bucket of leaves and then only pay them 50 cents and tell them the rest is going to their mom and dad's social security and Medicare.

But that damn cat, he's definitely one of the 99%.

He occupied our house and set up camp. He leaves clumps of his hippie hair everywhere and I suspect he's hitting the catnip if you know what I mean. He craps in the basement closets and misses the litter box ( typical male can't aim).

He whines (ok meows) when he doesn't get free food. Now that he's sick he wants universal vet care and subsidized meds.

Definitely one of the 99!


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