Thursday, December 16, 2010

How corrupt are Wisconsin Democrats? This corrupt:
Short on votes, Assembly Democrats have turned to one of their jailed colleagues for help. According to reports, disgraced State Representative Jeff Wood, currently sitting in jail due to multiple (DWI) arrests, has been allowed to leave jail for the day to return to Madison to vote on the union contracts. (...)

So we are left with this: State union contracts being rammed through the Legislature at the last possible moment, by a body that voters threw out of power a month ago, with the deciding vote being cast by a legislator who had to be let out of jail to vote for the agreements.
What a repulsive display of raw political power. And the taxpayers of Wisconsin are left with the tab.

Update: Against all odds, they failed. The contracts were approved in the state assembly, but didn't clear the Senate.
Stunned Democrats stripped Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker of his leadership position after he abruptly turned on them and voted against new contracts for state workers. (...)

Wisconsin State Employees Union executive director Marty Beil lashed out at Decker, calling him "a whore" for siding with Republicans who opposed the contracts.
What an uplifting debate that seems to have been.


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