Thursday, December 09, 2010

Victor Davis Hanson takes down Julian Assange:
Julian Assange, the public face of WikiLeaks, is, among many things, cowardly. Courageousness would involve meeting with Iranian dissidents, Russian journalists, Pakistani Christians, or Chinese human-rights activists - and then releasing any confidential information that they might have about the torment institutionalized by their countries' authoritarian regimes. That would be risky to Assange, however, since such governments do not customarily go to court against their leakers; they gulag them - or liquidate them.
Hanson goes on to similarly call out Assange on other counts:

Assange is a sorry product of the postmodern West.
Julian Assange is without principles.
Julian Assange is also a juvenile.
Julian Assange is a narcissist.

It's a worthwhile read.


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