Monday, October 18, 2010

An Exciting Evening

Tonight around 6:30 I was carving a roast for dinner. As I went to cut the twine I had tied it up with, the knife slipped and I cut the end of my index finger on my left hand. Off to the urgent care center we went, about 4 miles away.

I walked into the lobby, and they asked if it was an emergency. I said, "No, I cut my finger, but it isn't too bad."

Immediately, I was rushed in and a doctor examined the wound. It needed stitches, so I was shown to a treatment room, where a nurse cleaned me up and the doc stitched me up. Eight sutures, a tetanus shot, and some pleasant chit chat later, we were out the door and headed home.

The time on the car clock: 7:30 PM. So just about an hour passed between the moment I cut my finger and my return home. When we got back, the food was still warm and we enjoyed our dinner.

What a great medical care system we have!


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