Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Surprise

They want to run the entire healthcare industry. But a simple automobile rebate program is beyond their ability.
A growing number of auto dealers say the process of getting paid under the government's "cash for clunkers" plan increasingly resembles some of the wrecks accumulating on their lots as part of the program.
Imagine this business model if you need an MRI or angioplasty:
Heavy demand has overwhelmed the computer system and review process NHTSA set up. The agency has since hired more staff to process claims and has increased the capacity of the computer network. NHTSA has held regular information sessions with dealers to help them file claims that will meet the legal requirements for reimbursement.
And whose fault is all this mess? Never the government's! It's the dealers who aren't complying with federal regulations!
Government officials say a big hitch has been that dealers are not following proper procedures by filing incomplete or inaccurate materials. For example, one of the main reasons cash for clunkers deals were rejected early on was because dealers failed to write "Junk Automobile, Cars.gov" in black marker on the title of the older cars that buyers were trading in.
It's not the government's fault! Those clueless dealers don't know how to fill out government paperwork in black marker! How about we establish a new government agency to teach car dealers how to fill out government forms to receive government rebates for old cars? How many union jobs might that create without producing anything of economic value?

Yeah, this is the model for "reforming" 20% of the US economy.


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