Friday, October 17, 2008

A long time ago, after a lenghty discussion, I said to a good friend, and committed leftist, "The difference between your politics and mine is that, if elected, my philosophy would demand I relinquish power and yours would demand you acquire much more." He agreed with me. With that in mind, here's Mike Hendrix:
Joe the Plumber is us. Bill Ayers is them. And we’re going to have to fight, quite possibly literally, to keep them from destroying us. All “us” really wants is for “them” to leave us the fuck alone — which they cannot and will not do. Because they are convinced, beyond all reason, beyond all argument, that they know better. Messing with us, dominating us, ruling us, silencing us, stifling us, strangling us, with all the power they can give to relentless, expansionist government, is what they live for. It’s what they are. It’s what they do. They can’t have us walking around loose, with our guns, our religion, our patriotism, our freedom, our belief in the superiority of our way of life. It negates everything they believe in. And it, and we, cannot be allowed to succeed or fail on its/our own merits. Nothing can. Ever.

Jeez, I just summed up seven years of blogging in one paragraph, at two in the morning.


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