Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News Roundup

I am sick of listening to politicians blowing hot, stale air about this economic bailout plan. So here's a roundup of readings NOT RELATED to all this nonsense.

Martin Luther Kings niece is not so happy with Planned Parenthood.
Now a pro-life activist, King is calling for Congress to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding. She said she believes that "no issue is more important today than protecting the lives of the unborn."

Some practioners of the Religion of Peace aren't happy with Pakistan's new president meeting with Sarah Palin:
Maulana Abdul Ghafar of the Lal Masjid mosque was quoted as saying that Zardari had shamed all of Pakistan with his indecent gestures and remarks. His “praise of a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt” was un-Islamic, Ghafar said in a sermon.

The Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco sounds like a wonderful family event:
Bondage, sadomasochism, whippings, beatings, widespread nudity, oral and anal sex acts, people being led around by collars and chains - that’s just a sampling of what was “celebrated” at a public street fair held Sunday in San Francisco.

What the hell is "libertarian paternalism?"
Most of the book goes something like this: First, tell a story about the lovably crazy things we "Humans" do — not at all like the choices made by those coolly calculating "Econs" of economics lore. Second, describe a clever reform in life strategy, business practice, or public policy that takes this foible into account in a way that encourages more optimal choices. Repeat.

Yet another pyschological analysis of Bill Clinton.
But if recent events have proven anything, it may be that the self-styled "Comeback Kid" is a lot more like Baby Jane Hudson, the captivating-yet-repugnant title character played by Bette Davis in the 1962 camp classic, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Like the faded, bitter and spiteful ex-child star, Clinton doesn't seem to know how to share, much less exit, the stage gracefully. Worse still, like Baby Jane, he seems to have little sense of how he's horrifying his audience.


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