Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This article demonstrates what really drives me crazy about environmentalists: they're nosy, intrusive, judgmental pricks, ready to tell everybody on the planet how they should be living their lives.
The Sustainable Endowments Institute in Cambridge, Mass., has released its College Sustainability Report Card, a study of 300 schools graded on criteria including green buildings, student involvement, endowment transparency and recycling.
A "report card" on the colleges? How precious, I am sure these asshats fancy themselves quite clever and ironic.
The school did well in a numbers of areas, but was brought down by failing grades in endowment transparency and shareholder engagement. The site praised W&M’s sustainability policy and the creation of a full-time position to oversee building practices and energy efficiency. Also, the school serves local produce, organic food and fair trade coffee, according to the site.

ODU received a C-, gaining points for creating an environmental advisory committee and a full-time sustainability coordinator, as well as putting a green roof on the new Batten Arts & Letters building and offering vegan options in the dining halls.

Hampton University received a D+. The school has a 2-year-old HU Goes Green committee, high-efficiency heating and air-conditioning, and uses eight green vehicles.

Regent University, with a D, does operate electric vehicles on campus and uses green cleaning products, according to the report. But the report said that recycling is low and the school has shown no interest in investing in renewable energy funds.
Whew! They have an opinion about nearly everything! From this list we learn the following:

  • "Sustainability Policies"
  • Full-time energy oversight
  • Advisory committees
  • Local food, organic food, "fair trade coffee," and veganism
  • Green vehicles

  • Not revealing to these busy-bodies how you invest your endowment
  • Lack of "shareholder engagement"
  • Not investing as directed by these little fascists
  • Insufficient recycling

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