Sunday, February 03, 2008


Way back in October of 2006, about 10 months after losing my beloved Suzy, I went to a meeting of my online widows group in Chandler, Arizona. It was a great event, well-planned and well-stocked with wonderful people. I made lots of new widow friends that weekend.

There was a quiet young lady there named Laurel. I hardly noticed her, she was so quiet. Laurel came along with a group of us that went geocaching, and we talked some over coffee, but I didn't have much interaction with her beyond that. I knew she had several dogs and sold cross-stitch supplies, but not much more than that.

A few weeks later, I saw that one of our group members listed cross-stitching as a hobby, so I sent her a message with a link to Laurel's profile, in case she was in the market for some supplies. I also sent a note to Laurel explaining what I had done.

Laurel thanked me, and we exchanged some emails and texted occasionally. One evening, she was complaining that she didn't want to go to her office Christmas party alone again. I could sympathize with that, as I had not gone to mine for that same reason. So I told Laurel that if she wanted an understanding ear to go to her party with, I would be happy to go along. She thought that sounded nice, and I found myself in San Antonio at a Texas roadhouse one weekend in December 2006.

We had fun and enjoyed each other's company, so we decided to go to a Florida meet and greet in January. Then I visited her and met her dogs, and she visited me, and we met in New York for a weekend, and before we knew it a year had gone by and we found ourselves together at another Christmas party, this time for my office in 2007. And that night, just before the party, I asked her to marry me. To my great relief, she said "yes." I am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my life! I love you, Laurel!


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