Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Guns don't Kill People. Gun Bans Kill People.

The mayor of Washington DC is taking his overturned gun ban straight to the Supreme Court, saying “We do not need more guns in this city.” Never mind that a gun ban by definition only bans legal guns. People that shouldn’t have guns don’t follow the law anyway.

Meanwhile, here is clear evidence that gun bans don’t work:
In 1997 Great Britain instituted a ban on firearms. For those of you relying on the government for your education, that was 10 years ago. So ... that would mean that Britain has just been a perfectly safe place to live for ten years or so ... and getting safer, right.
It would seem that crimes committed with guns have just about doubled since the ownership of these guns was banned. Let's say it again ... ban guns, gun crime doubles.

And so it is around the world. Ban guns and gun crimes increase. Legalize guns and crime rates drop. How in the world do we get liberals to understand this?


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