Friday, January 27, 2006

More Insanity in Massachusetts

Newton, MA is considered one of the best places to live according to CNN Money. After last week's events, we all know that is certainly one of the best places for Al-Qaeda or other terrorists to live or at least just hang out and use the library. More about it here and here but not all for free.

It seems a bomb threat was emailed to Brandeis University around 11 AM on Jan. 18 in neighboring Waltham, MA. Brandeis is a famously liberal college with a high percentage of Jewish students, which in my mind would make any terrorist threat very serious and plausible.

And Brandeis officials took it seriously evacuating 12 buildings and a nearby elementary school (Waltham is densely populated). Brandeis also contacted the police who then contacted the FBI.

The FBI tracked the email to the computer lab at the Newton public library at which point they wanted to take away the computers it was emailed from. The librarian and mayor refused to let the FBI take the computers without a warrant. This all happened around 2PM.

Jack Bauer, the clock is ticking!

It wasn't until 11:30 PM at night that the FBI and police were able to take three computers. Luckily it was probably a hoax.

Newton Mayor David Cohen and the ACLU were very proud of the librarian's actions.

I'm disgusted and can't believe the lack of common sense used by the librarian and mayor just to make a political point. God forbid if it hadn't been a hoax.


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