Friday, January 20, 2006

Dispatch From the Religion of Peace

It seems that Palestinians are finding it increasing difficult to kill Jews, thanks to Sharon's fence:
Suicide bombings in Israel had developed into a bloody and lucrative industry for Palestinians who carried out 39 attacks in 2002. But, since Israel began constructing its anti-terrorist fence, the Palestinian human-bomb industry has been reduced to bankruptcy by producing only 11 attacks in more than two years.
What to do, what to do. Here's the Palestinian's replacement source of recreation:
Honor killing, on the other hand – which has always been an integral aspect of Palestinian life – began gathering momentum. With horrifying zest, weapon-wielding fathers, brothers, uncles and sometimes mothers, hunt down their daughters and sisters and commit shocking acts of violence for real and imagined immoral transgressions.

The Arab motivation for murdering their own daughters flows from the same cultural wellspring that produces suicide bombers. The defensive form of honor, called ird, is consumed with female sexual purity and manifests itself in the murder of its own to restore family honor, whereas the offensive manifestation, sharaf, requires positive actions implemented to heighten social status and increase family honor. As Palestinian society retreats from its failure to infiltrate the daily life of Israeli citizens with death and destruction, it compensates by killing its own and depositing ird in its honor bank.
So how does this Palestinian quest for "honor" manifest itself when denied the privelege of murdering Jews? Here are some heartwarming examples:

  • "... her father bludgeoned her to death with an iron bar."
  • "... forced his sisters to drink bleach before strangling them."
  • "... her mother pulled a plastic bag tightly over her head, sliced open her daughter’s wrists and beat her with a stick until she was dead."
  • "... when a four-year-old toddler was raped by a 25 year-old man in 2002, her Palestinian family left her to bleed to death because her rape had dishonored the family."

    Surely, if only these poor, oppressed people had their own county, a Palestinian state with a real government and police force, they would put a stop the barbarity, right? Wrong.
    The growing influence of Hamas with its fundamentalist interpretations of Islamic law is concerning women’s groups, which fear it will gain power and moral legitimacy in the coming elections. [...]

    In a two-year period between 1996 and 1998, Shalhoub-Kevorkian uncovered 234 suspicious deaths in the West Bank alone, which she believes were honor killings. Palestinian police do not record these deaths as murder but as deaths due to "fate and destiny."
    Yeah, let's give 'em country and a seat on the UN Security Council.

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