Saturday, January 14, 2006

Now What?

I lost my wife two weeks ago. I am bereft. Now what? How do I fill the gap?

I have ridden motorcycles since my Dad bought us one in sixth grade. I started out as a little guy on one of these, a Honda CT70:

Then, in high school, we upgraded to this, a Honda CB100:

My Dad and I went for lots of rides through rural New Jersey on that little bike, and it served us well. In college, my roommate's brother rode one of these, and he was kind enough to give me a key:

That Kawasaki was one smokin' ride. 500cc displacement, spread across a 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine. That, my friends, is a lot of power strokes per RPM.

Time passed, and I got away from riding. But now I need something new in my life, and at the same time something familiar. I am inclined towards one of these:

Not the girl, idiot! The Harley Sportster 1200!


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