Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yet Another Dispatch From the Religion of Peace

Is there no end to this nonsense? Check out the latest goings on in the name of the Religion of Peace:
PALU, Indonesia - Suspected Islamic militants set off a powerful bomb packed with nails Saturday at a busy market frequented by Christians, killing eight people and wounding 45 as they bought pork for New Year's Eve celebrations.

The blast occurred in Palu on Sulawesi Island, which has been plagued in recent years by religious violence and terrorism by Islamic extremists.

The early morning explosion sent ball bearings and nails tearing into vendors and shoppers, leaving the market scattered with dismembered bodies. Police and passers-by carried bloodied bodies to cars. One man, apparently unhurt, held his head in his hands as he screamed.
Obviously, the solution to this carnage is some sort of treaty, right? Maybe a "peace deal" will settle things down. Wrong!
Despite a peace deal, Islamic militants have continued a campaign of bombings, shootings and other attacks on Christians, including market blasts in May that killed 20 people and the beheadings of three Christian schoolgirls in October. No one has been charged in those attacks.
Yeah, right. Let's continue to negotiate and deal with these barbarians. The sooner we acknowledge the evil we confront, the sooner we can destroy it and its adherents. And until the so-called "moderate" Muslims confront and condemn this monstrous behavior, I say profile the hell out 'em.


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