Monday, January 16, 2006

Defending Massholes, sort of...

Yeah, but in the field I work in, it is either California or near Beantown.

Not much of an option, Arnie & Pelosi or Mitt "the stormin' Mormon" Romney & Teddy. Neither Arnold or Ted can drive and both get away with traffic accidents.

I could live in NH and work in MA but then I'd pay a ridiculous MA wage tax anyway, but I'd be closer to better skiing.

As far as the legislature in Massachusetts, we just call that a jobs program for drunk Irishmen. And the big dig was the same a jobs program for drunk Irishmen who can't speak in public.

But you'd like where I live two blocks from a gun club, around the corner from a bunch of golf courses, and about an hours drive to diving waters where you can grab lobsters off the bottom, as long as you pay the proper license to the State of Maine of course.


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