Sunday, January 29, 2006

Health Care in Massachusetts

Current Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who has big presidential aspirations, is getting a lot of publicity from his plan for "mandatory" health care. He plans to make it illegal to live in Massachusetts and not have health care.

He defends this by saying it is mandatory to carry auto insurance if you want to drive, so why shouldn't the same be true for healthcare. Unfortunately, he has a point because our society continues to bail out stupid people and bad companies with taxpayer dollars.

When a company is on the verge of bankrupctcy like the airlines or auto industry, nowadays, the taxpayers bail them out. When someone can't pay or chooses not to pay for the health care we, the taxpayers, bail them out.

We were not always like this. Whatever happened to Packard and Studebaker? They're all gone - bankrupt.

We are a nation that doesn't believe in personal responsibility for your actions anymore. Someone will always bail us out like a magical Nanny McPhee.


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