Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bergen Mall, Paramus, NJ

Reading the posts over on the Ridgewood Expats Facebook page got me searching for some pictures of the kiddie rides that used to live on the lower level of the Bergen Mall in Paramus. I can remember my grandparents taking us over there, and I remember two rides. There was a train that went around the perimeter, and to my little mind it was the best train ride because it was a replica modern diesel engine train rather than the more common replica steam locomotive. There was also a boat ride that went around in a little circle, which I loved because the boats were actually floating on the water.

Well, I couldn't find any images of my beloved rides, but I did find this fun documentary of the place. I hope you enjoy it.

the bergen mall from robin.g (smartbunny) on Vimeo.


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