Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surfing the Blogosphere

With some idle time tonight after Alison went to bed, I was surfing through my favorite blogs. Out of curiosity, I Googled Pamela Geller the author of the Atlas Shrugs blog. That led me to State Ethics, a blog apparently written by a European of Dutch extraction. I started this post with the idea that this was a legitimate blog, representing the ideas of the author. I have since concluded that it must be a parody.

On Haiti:
That's why aid donations, such as those now being given 'for Haïti', should be criminalised. Individuals who give money to these aid organisations should be prosecuted - for donating to a malevolent organisation, and for obstructing aid to the victims of a a natural disaster.

On "global warming" skeptics:
Nevertheless, the request establishes the principle, that detention in a psychiatric hospital is a legitimate response to climate change denialism. It also establishes the legitimacy of the request procedure itself - i.e. that opponents of denialism can seek to have denialists detained. Most countries have legal provisions for psychiatric detention. Depending on the exact provisions, they may be available for political purposes, as a de facto form of internment.

He also proposes the death penalty be applied for both excessive income and workplace inequality. A very strange blog indeed. I suspect it to be a parody along the lines of Blame Bush. The Bush blog is so over the top, it is obviously a parody, but this one is just dry enough that I can't quite tell for sure.


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