Thursday, July 09, 2009

In his article Delusions of Grandeur, Tait Trussel outlines the childish utopianism of the “green” movement.
According to Obama, mandated technologies can not only provide jobs to help eliminate our dependence on foreign and even domestic petroleum – it can virtually overturn every problem since Original Sin. Obama’s “Green jobs” adviser Van Jones has presented this leftist agenda as a panacea for all of society’s problems: “We imagine formerly incarcerated people moving from jail cells to solar cells—helping to harvest the sun, heal the land, and repair our souls.”
Heal the land and repair our souls? And if our souls don’t need repair, can we keep our cars? Trussel goes on to demonstrate that the much vaunted “green jobs” Obama is promising are kind of hard to put a finger on.
The exact definition of a Green job is dubious. Positions can be considered Green merely because they fit the Left’s political priorities. The Mayors Report defines “government administration of environmental programs” as a source of Green jobs, for example “secretarial positions, bookkeepers, janitors, and lawyers.” The last is most disconcerting.
That’s right, in Obamaland government administrators and lawyers are green job positions. Never mind that neither produces a dime’s worth of capital, they simply absorb it. And here’s an illuminating (no pun intended) item. Check out what the left considers to be an “alternative energy infrastructure”:
The Mayors Report instead praises “additional investment” to “develop the nation’s alternative energy infrastructure” by using such items as wood waste, ethanol, used railroad ties, “and old utility polls.”
Time to invest in used railroad ties and old utility pole futures, baby, cause that’s the energy of the future! One would almost call them childlike in their naiveté if they weren’t running the show in DC. But Greens aren't just childlike, they are negative and nasty.

  • They view human productivity as a negative attribute: “a negative feature of today’s economy is that it has increased labor productivity and so reduced the amount of labor necessary to deliver goods and services.”

  • They are against trade: “Companies like Wal-Mart (with its policy of global sourcing and especially its policy of searching for cheap products, with potential negative impacts for labor and the environment) are major drivers and symptoms of” increased global trade.” Never mind that global trade dates back beyond Marco Polo and the Assyrians. It makes Wal-Mart possible [shudder] and is therefore a bad thing.

  • They are against humanity: “Bicycles and modern bicycle rickshaws offer a sustainable alternative and create employment in manufacturing and transportation services.” Now there’s a vision of Utopia for you! Nothing repairs the soul quite like a ride in a rickshaw in the pouring rain. Except for those of us forced into employment as rickshaw drivers, of course.

    I’ll take my chances with free market capitalism, thanks. Clearly, these bozos have not a clue what they are talking about.

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