Monday, December 12, 2005

Football Chick Beats Jersey Girl to Win Survivor

Stephenie, the pharmaceutical sale rep from somewhere in Jersey, lost during the jury round of survivor last night. Kurt was obsessed with her much of last year's Survivor Palau, but despite her two ('er I mean numerous) attributes, she couldn't beat the stigma of being this season's "backstabber."

Dani, from Tonganoxie, Kansas, a former Teen Ms. USA and Miss USA contestant, won, and promptly changed her hair color.

Her strategy seemed to be to lose so much weight that by the third episode the other contestants couldn't see her anymore and just plain forgot she was there.

I will remember Dani for the 2" x 2" red boy shorts, that despite their size still managed to cover everything. Further proof that when you're stranded by Jeff Probst bikini waxes are still available.

I also remember all of Dani's ribs, which I counted each and every episode, proving to myself that Adam never did really lose that rib and women really are a separate species descended from aliens.


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