Saturday, November 19, 2005

Justice in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Well once again Massachusetts has proven how sophisticated and international we are. Not only do we let American royalty drive off of bridges and fail to save their passenger from certain death, we have grown so cosmopolitan that we now let Saudi princes get a slap on the wrist for similar actions as reported in Friday's Boston Herald.

The prince received one year jail time in a minimum security prison located in a lovely White Colonial on the Vineyard. The front porch has gingerbread trim and just wait until you see the fence. You might ask, "Chain link and razor wire?"

Not for our royal allies, our jails have white picket fences.

Here are some quotes from a former inmate excerpted from the article linked above:
I got better treatment in there than I do at some hotels. I'm telling you, it was picturesque, said Thistle, who served an 18-month sentence on drug charges.

It was better than a B&B, Thistle said. My friends asked me why I wanted to leave.
Meanwhile the DA has the gaul to defend the terms of the plea bargin, based mainly on the fact that the man the prince sent flying 150 ft in the air to his death with the hood of the royal BMW was drunk and high while walking.

Now last time I checked walking under the influence was only a crime in New Orleans.

So as far as I can tell the DA sense of justice is "Two wrongs make a right, especially if you're royal and rich."


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